Antiphons for Autumn

“O season full of remembering,
Come! Come with your golden shawl.
Come scattering the beauty of well-aged leaves.
Strengthen us for changing our old patterns.
Give us memories that sustain our dreams.
O Come!…

O seeds sprung loose from dying plants,
Come! Teach us to be generative.
Carry us to places where we can take root.
Encourage the seed of our love to fall freely.
Gift us with the grace to surrender.
O come!…

O rustling leaves falling from trees,
Come! Come live inside our aching goodbyes.
Teach us the truth of life’s impermanence.
Empty us of all that does not bless others.
Draw us into the waiting soil of wintertime…”

(From “The Circle of Life”, Joyce Rupp and Maria Wiederkehr, Sorin Books 2005)

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: Which old patterns in your life might need to change? Are you well rooted, or on the way to a new place to take root? What feelings does the arrival of autumn stir up in you?

Cathedral of the Incarnation