Celebration: A Poem by Denise Levertov

“Brilliant, this day — a young virtuoso of a day.
Morning shadows cut by sharpest scissors,
deft hands. And every prodigy of green —
whether it’s ferns or lichens or needles
or impatient points of bud on spindly bushes —
greener than ever before.
And the way the conifers
hold new cones to the light for blessing,
a festive rite, and sing the oceanic chant the wind
transcribes for them!
A day that shines in the cold
like a first-prize brass band swinging along the street
of a coal-dusty village, wholly at odds
with the claims of reasonable gloom.”

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: Close your eyes briefly. When you open them, what shapes and colors and living things are you seeing as if for the first time? How will you dispel “the claims of reasonable gloom” today?

Cathedral of the Incarnation