Let God In

“Most of us are pretty complicated. We are bundles of fear, insecurity, and damaged egos. We try to sort ourselves out. We read self-help books, go to the gym, and have a therapist. And those resources can be helpful and useful. The truth, however, is that we can still find ourself hurting others and not coping well when life gets hard. So this rule is simple: God wants to help. But we need to give God space to help. God needs time with us. God needs to allow the triggers to be exposed so they can be healed. One popular biblical metaphor is the potter and the clay (see Jeremiah 18, Isaiah 64:8, and Romans 9:12). God is the potter and we are the clay. And God wants to take out lives and make something beautiful out of them. Our goal is to give God space to do that.”

(From “Faith Rules”, Ian Markham and Samantha Gottlich, Morehouse Publishing, 2016)

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: How are you making time for God in your life right now? What thoughts and feelings are stirred up in you as you consider the metaphor of the broken pot? Are you willing to believe that a mended pot can be more beautiful than the unbroken original?