Thanks for Revelation!

From Anne Lamott’s “Help, Thanks, Wow!”:

“Revelation is not for the faint of heart… But if you gently help yourself back to the present moment, you see how life keeps stumbling along and you see how you may actually find your way through another ordinary or impossible day. Details are being revealed, and they will take you out of yourself, which is heaven, and you will have a story to tell, which is salvation that again and again saves us, the way Jesus saves some people, or the way sobriety does. Stories to tell and hear — either way it’s medicine. The Word.

So I say “Thanks,” because revelation has shown me things that are miserable that somehow I may get to sidestep; or that are miserable but that prayer and friends help me find a way through; or that are painful and beautiful in ways that make your heart ache, that draw you closer to the comrades who have walked with you.

Without revelation and reframing, life can seem like an endless desert of danger with scratchy sand in your shoes, and yet if we remember or are reminded to pay attention, we find so many sources of hidden water, so many bits and chips and washes of color, in a weed or the gravel or a sunrise. There are so many ways to sweep the sand off our feet. So we say, “O my God. Thanks.”

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: How is Anne Lamott defining revelation here? How does her definition compare with yours? When have you experienced revelatory moments that connected your story to God’s story about Jesus and salvation?