The Home of Your Heart

This meditation comes from Anam Cara Ministries. Reflection questions are included throughout the meditation. May it be fruitful for you!

Imagine coming down into the home of your heart. What does it look like on the outside? What kind of building is it?

As you enter the door, what do you see? What is around you? What is the state of things: Clean and organized? A bit messy? Completely chaotic?

Are there rooms in the home of your heart that others aren’t allowed in (or that you don’t even enter yourself)?

Where is God, and is there anything that particularly seems to be catching your attention, as if God is inviting you to sit with it a bit longer? Stay there for a little while.

What is the invitation?

Now imagine coming back out the front door and up the walk. As you leave, is there anything you sense you’re meant to take back out with you, to remove from your heart’s home?

Sit for another moment, simply present to God, present to you.

Cathedral of the Incarnation