Join Our Community

We consider each person who worships at the Cathedral or serves in one of our ministries to be part of our community. We gather, several times a week, to give praise to God for the gift of Jesus Christ. We join together as the hands and feet of Christ in service to our city and the world. We recognize that people join us for different reasons and that each is in a different stage of their faith journey.

We believe that a strong community is built upon deep relationships. We learn more about each other as we worship, serve, and learn together. As a community of Christ we encourage, and hold one another accountable to the mission of the Cathedral to welcome all people to worship God joyfully, care deeply and act boldly as followers of Christ. These are our community expectations:

  • We worship together regularly.
  • We make the Cathedral Community a high priority in our lives.
  • We give of our time, talents, and money to make a difference in the world.
  • We engage in our own spiritual growth and share what we’ve learned with others

If you want to join our community we need some basic information. Please complete a Community Registration Form. In it we ask for your full name, address, email, birth date and baptism date (if you know it). If you have not been baptized you are still welcome to be a part of our community, and we encourage you to learn more about Baptism and Confirmation and Reception. If you are transferring from another church you should ask that church to send a letter of transfer.