Circles of Eight

Circles of Eight is a small group program with a meal and some theological reflection. It is an opportunity for members of the Cathedral to get to know each other better. The Cathedral organizes those who sign up into groups of eight and ask them to meet eight times during the program year. Each member of the circle is expected to host once. It can be for dinner, lunch, potlucks, restaurants, whatever the circle decides. It is very similar to “Foyer Groups” but will have some bible study and theological reflection built in. If you are interested in being in a Circles with Kids please let us know.

Once groups are formed, a coordinator (the first host who gets the ball rolling) can email their group to suggest some dates and take a “reply all” poll to arrive at the most mutually agreeable first gathering date (majority wins). It works well for the host to ask members about food allergies in the poll, and to request that each group member pick a course or dish to bring to the host’s home (i.e., beverages, appetizers, vegetable side dishes, salads, breads and spreads, desserts).

To keep the ball rolling, sometime during the first foyer gathering plans can be initiated for the next. The new volunteer host can poll the group about future dates, and let others decide what they would like to bring to the next meal, which will then be at their home. It is very helpful if members bring calendars.

Cathedral Life Ministries

Cathedral Life Team

[email protected]
Organizes hospitality hour after worship and special events throughout the year including potluck meals and receptions.


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This governance group is elected by the congregation to provide vision and oversight for the Cathedral.

Finance Team

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Works with the Treasurer of the Cathedral on budget and financial matters.


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Serve as a welcoming presence before and after worship to help newcomers learn more about the Cathedral.

Property Team

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Provides planning and oversight for the Cathedral building and grounds.

Welcome Team

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Helps the Cathedral to become a more welcoming place for all God’s people. This group hosts newcomer classes and fellowship gatherings.