A big Thank You from the Cathedral’s Creation Care team to all who came to our ‘Three Sisters’ lunch on Sunday. And special thanks to everyone who wrote (or will write!) letters to the Energy Secretary about plans for massive expansion of fossil fuel export facilities on our fragile Gulf Coast. Briefly, the mutual support that the ‘Three Sisters’ (corn, bean and squash plants) give each other inspires our efforts to develop more sustainable ways to coexist with each other and our planet. This includes the development of safe and renewable energy sources. Not, in our view, construction of 20 new Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export facilities near impoverished communities in center of ‘Hurricane Alley.’ Our federal regulatory process gives all of us a brief window of opportunity to weigh in on this.

We thank you for sharing our hospitality and our efforts to promote wise care of God’s Creation.

We’ve attached links below in response to questions and requests that surfaced during lunchtime conversations.


The Cathedral Creation Care Team


Click HERE for an introduction to the ‘Three Sisters’ companion planting practices.  Click for even more information.

For information about plans for new LNG facilities on the Gulf Coast

or HERE or Watch this video.


Suggestions for writing a letter to The Secretary of Energy

The Honorable Jennifer Granholm
Secretary of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC 20585

Here are some key points you can include in your letter:


1.      These plants are carbon and methane bombs. In the hottest year of human history it’s obscene to be putting up more of them.

2.      We’re already the biggest gas exporter on earth, and have more than enough capacity to meet the needs of the Europeans in the wake of the Ukrainian war.

3.      When we export all this gas, we drive up the price for those Americans who still rely on it for cooking and heating. Rejecting this project will fight inflation, which will help get the president re-elected.

4.      It’s an environmental justice travesty—as usual, these projects are set for poor communities of color.

5.      They’re planned for smack in the middle of the worst hurricane belt in the hemisphere.

6.      So rewrite the criteria (they’re currently using a Trump-era formula) for figuring out if such plans are in the national interest.


If you thought you were getting off without one high-tech task, though, you’re wrong. Could you also take a picture of the letter on your smartphone and email it to takingaction@thirdact.org, so we can keep track of what’s happening.

Remember, the penmanship you learned long ago is a secret weapon. Bureaucrats are used to getting email petitions; they’re not used to getting old-school letters. They know it takes effort, and they pay attention.