We have 5 Sundays in July.  5 Activities.  5 Rs for Plastic Free July 2022.

Week 1:  REALITY  **Please join us by taking the global Plastic Free July inventory quiz on this website

Week 2:  REFUSE single use plastics this month in two forms, at home or at work.  (Example:  Refuse a plastic jug of laundry detergent and consider laundry detergent sheets like Earth Breeze’s or another option.  Or refuse/replace plastic picnic ware with washables or compostables).

Week 3:  RELEARN **Join 2 webinars with A Rocha, a global Christian conservation group.  Go to “Love Your Place”  and register for free.  Event #1 is “Waste at Church:  Garbage Theology and Why It Matters” on Tuesday, 7/19/22 at 2pm EDT.  Event #2 is on Tuesday, 7/26/22 at 2pm EDT, “Microplastics in our Bodies”.

Week 4:  RECYCLE **City and Counties’ details coming soon, and more.

Week 5:  REVIEW/RENDEZVOUS in August with the Cathedral community and the Creation Care team!

(Email us at creationcare@incarnationbmore.org).