What is Stewardship?

The Stewardship team is charged with presenting the financial needs of the Cathedral in a context that reflects giving as part of our spiritual relationship to God.  We believe that the bounty that we have received comes from God and it is our role to determine how best to take care of that bounty and what portion of it we will give back.

We encourage all members to make an annual pledge to the Cathedral as part of their membership and as a response to what God has given them.  As for how much to give, we suggest members think about proportional giving — giving a set percentage of household income. Giving of one’s self and one’s labor can be a joyful act.   It expresses our joining together with other members of the community and our desire to work out our spiritual life at the Cathedral.  You can fill out your pledge here: 2021 Annual Pledge Card

Giving and stewardship are not about meeting a budget. Making sure the church is financially viable does matter and cannot be ignored, but it is not the heart of intentional giving.

The Cathedral of the Incarnation offers Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). EFT makes it is easy to schedule your pledge payment or give a one-time donation online. If you already use EFT to pay your bills then you know it saves time and resources (paper, stamps, envelopes). EFT also benefits The Cathedral of the Incarnation in a number of ways:

  • More consistent giving,
  • Less money counting,
  • Less paperwork, and
  • Easier tracking of donations.

The Cathedral has been transferring its online giving service to help us offer you easier access to your giving history with more consistently accurate updates. After you fill out your pledge form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your account with our new system Shelby. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Make a donation to the Cathedral via Shelby Online Giving.

If you are currently giving via Vanco Payments, we are asking that you transfer to our new giving platform by either completing a 2021 Pledge form or submitting a new payment and creating a new account HERE. If you would like to check your giving you can visit this LINK and log into your account. 

Volunteer your time and talent by speaking with one of our lay team leaders.