Cactus League Spirituality?

Mar 5, 2020


Loyal Orioles fans, spring training has started. From her novel “The Cactus League”, this reflection by Emily Nemens:

Ask any fan, and she’ll tell you there’s something satisfyingly linear about baseball. Three strikes, three outs. Four bases, nine innings. A lineup — you don’t have to be an entymologist to see the meaning in that. But at the same time as that steady progression of three up, three down, then the next, then the next, it’s going around and around, cycling through the order, runnning the bases. Things get parabolic. There’s the arc of up and down drawn through the organization…the tight arc of an infield fly out and the majestic one of a game-winning homer. Charting the line gets mighty complicated…[the line become] more like a dance chart than any kind of arrow.”

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: Which of these patterns — a steady line, an expanding cycle, or a sudden, explosive arc — describes your relationship with God?