Taste and See

Nov 21, 2019

“Grandfather Mantis eats honeycombs. Now, honey itself is that sweet thickness produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. Thousands of bees belonging to a hive gather the nectar from thousands of flowers blooming in the spring. They bring back that nectar to the hive where, in the center, they create honey. In the center of the hive, they store the honey in an amazingly thin-walled honeycomb they construct of beeswax. So when Grandfather Mantis eats honeycombs to strengthen his body and think clearly, he is eating this entire process. He is eating the flowers breaking ground on the other side of winter and the nectar forming in the heart of every flower. He is eating the search of a thousand bees scenting after the nectar and their bringing it back to the center of the hive. He is eating the mysterious way they turn nectar into honey and the hive’s industry at turning their wax into a honeycomb.He is surrendering to the fact that in order to be strong and clear, we need to internalize the unending way that the variety of life is tripped upon and gathered and worked into one sweet thickness.”

These words by Mark Nepo are included in Joyce Rupp’s “Prayer Seeds”, Sorin Books, 2017. Used by permission.

For reflection in solitude or in the company of others: Joyce Rupp includes this selection in the section of her book containing reflections for the Thanksgiving holiday. Why do you think she chose to include this one?